Poll: Is your listening room acoustically treated?
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I have a dedicated, professionally treated room
0 0%
I have a dedicated room I treated myself
8 19.05%
I listen in the living room but it's well treated
5 11.90%
I listen in the living room and it has no room treatment but it sound ok because of all the stuff in it
22 52.38%
I listen in a living room that sounds pretty ordinary
7 16.67%
Total 42 vote(s) 100%
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Is your listening room acoustically treated?
About 2/3 of my ceiling is treated with 2x4 Soundscape panels. They are 60cm suspended from the ceiling.

The rest of the room isn’t treated even though There’s glass wall behind the speakers and large mirror along one of the side walls

The acoustic in this room was very good to begin with , the ceiling treatments reduced enough echo to make it even better

It’s about 120 sq meters and ceiling height is 14-8 meters

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