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La rentrée approche !
Optimistically, the change in networking behavior seemed an attempt at increasing convenience. It used to be that both WiFi and ethernet were simultaneously active, which was useful for various configurations. Now the Devialet automatically switches to ethernet when an ethernet cable is connected, and switches to WiFi when no ethernet cable is connected. If that worked well it might be convenient in some scenario. However it doesn't work well, often requiring multiple reboots or reconfiguration. I used to compare sound quality by switching inputs with the app, but now I have to fish around in my hidden equipment cabinet for the ethernet cable, so the comparison is impractical. I talked to Devialet about this all. They first denied that it ever worked differently, then acknowledged the change but didn't make it intentionally, so it is probably just a mistaken byproduct of the new networking in the CI board. They're probably just using some chipmaker's default firmware, which is why they didn't know about the change nor know how to make it work well. Sigh.

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