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Leaving the Devialet on all the time?
(03-May-2015, 03:40)Pim van Vliet Wrote:
(03-May-2015, 02:25)Ants Wrote: Thought I would give this a try as well. Created a new config file and disabled "low power delay" and "sleep delay" in the power settings.
So if I understand this thread correctly, using this configuration, the Devialet will be "on" all the time and it should make a difference/improve overall quality.

I'm keeping mine playing music, not just leaving it on. I'm not sure if there's a difference with just leaving it on.

Ah. I see. Will have to try both. Will leave it "on" for a week and then will have to try playing music 24/7 for a week after that. I can always run the TV through it when not using it.

Let the games begin....
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