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Lets hear it on the reactors! a marvel of engineering or just a downscaled phantom?
Just heard a 900 in the local shop. What to say? Well, it looks good and mids are really amazing! (don't know how they did it with such a small single speaker), very clean, open sound..... however, the bass was a long way from my Silver (even if the mids on the reactor sounded better). Of course one cannot expect the reactor to have the same "creamy" and wide bass as the larger phantoms, but it was infact much less than I expected after all the hype. Beautiful clean sound yes, but some bass was lacking.

It was a new unit, so it was not broken in yet and was only connected via bluetooth, but still it was obvious that the bass is lacking. But for what it is, impressive. Would I sell my silver and get 2 stereo reactors instead (as i was planing) not so sure anymore, + price is much too high. Two 900´s is more than one gold.

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