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I’m torn between the lumin app and Roon. I played around with the lumin app and like the qobuz integration, the look, and overall feel. It just works. Roon has all the glitz and glamour and just looks professional. My only complaint at the moment is not being able to easily determine hi res tracks, or not as easily as you can in the qobuz app and lumin app.

If Roon were to update qobuz so you can see the hi res indicator like you can in the qobuz app or the lumin app, it would not be close, Roon would win hands down. But not being able to quickly identify hi res tracks is a big flaw for me. I know qobuz is new to Roon and I’m sure this annoyance will be updated soon but I find myself going to the lumin app more at this point.

Also, I wish in Roon, that you could tell which device to control the volume (like harmony remotes). I can’t seem to control the volume of the devialet inside Roon while I’m connected to the lumin mini. So it’s kind of annoying to have to open two apps or use the physical remote.

If anyone knows of a setting I am overlooking in Roon or on the lumin to allow for the same volume control as I have when using Roon air direct to the devialet, it would be greatly appreciated.
mmorrison55 - thanks for the review. Have you noticed sound quality improvement from Lumin U1 MINI over Devialet - Roon direct connection? As you mentioned, you cannot control volume if you use Lumin U1 MINI but you can control volume of Devialet if you use Devialet - Roon direct connection. I am wondering if sound quality improvement justifies inconvenience of no-volume control of Lumin U1 MINI.
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It’s hard to definitively say the sound improvement improved. While I think it did, I wouldn’t say it’s night and day. And I can’t say the difference I’m hearing is from the lumin, the usb cable I’m using or a bit of both. I tend to believe it’s the latter. I did do a sound test using my wife and daughter as test subjects and played 4 different tracks, a woman’s vocals, a mans vocals, instrumental (jazz), and a bossa nova tune that had instrumentals, mans vocals, and woman’s vocals.

They both preferred the lumin/usb for the 2 vocal songs. Were split on the jazz instrumental, and preferred the WiFi direct to devialet on the bossa nova track.

I felt the lumin was a tad bit warmer almost analog compared to the Roon air which seemed a bit brighter to me. I could easily listen to either. One drawback with the Roon air via WiFi is that occasionally I would get staticky harshness for a few seconds. Only had that happen a few times, but I never experienced it with the Ethernet connected lumin. I suppose I could go Ethernet directly into the Devialet and resolve that problem.

I will try some other connections at some point to see if I can hear a differ nice, but according to the lumin specs, the usb has the capacity for higher res than other connections.

I’m not 100% sure I can hear the difference above 16/44.1, but I’m sure others can.

Anyway, take this review as my personal observation only. YMMV!


Mike, thanks for the detailed write-up. Your comments are very helpful as I am considering Lumin U1 MINI (or Esoteric N-03T) as well. As your dealer suggests, Lumin would require some burn-in and the sound may improve going forward.
I greatly enjoyed your review and look forward to your follow-up review!!
Mac Mini Late 2012(Amarra Symphony/Audirvana)/DELA N1A Mk1 - [AIR Ethernet] -  Devialet 800 (Power Cable - AET HIN AC EVD) - [Speaker Cable - Nanotec Systems SP♯79MK2] - Wilson Audio Sasha
Is anyone using the Lumin U1 Mini with the Phantoms? If so, is volume control done on the Lumin or within Spark? Also, does volume control on the Lumin work with BubbleUpnp?
Anyone compare this against the higher end but older lumins?
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