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MacBook & iPhone : My Phantom does not play all the sounds
Hello to all,

I have had a Phantom for 2 years. I hadn't really paid attention, but my Devialet has a strange problem: whether it's on my Mac or on my iPhone, in bluetooth, it doesn't play all the sounds. Let me explain:
- on my iPhone, sounds from an Instagram story will not be played, but podcasts or Spotify sounds will work
- on my MacBook Pro, no system sounds are played, unless there is already music playing (I play a song from Music, I hear the system sounds. If I pause Music, no system sounds come out).

To be precise: I'm connected on my MacBook Pro and iPhone via Bluetooth only (my Devialet is refurbished, it doesn't have AirPlay).

I have to admit that I'm really struggling to understand what the problem is.

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