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Master Sold to Chris in Cape Town: 440 pro/ci for sale
With regret, I have to sell my Devialet 440 pro/ci 
The unit is in excellent condition, from a smoke free home.
Warranty ends Oct 2021

I am asking $11250.00 cnd  (located in Ottawa, Canada)
Open to reasonable offers.
I will include Audioprana SPDIF ? AES-EBU 75 ohm/ 100 ohm Digital cable $500.00 value
Original Boxes, Power Cable Etc

I am willing to split them up, if the offer is correct.

Thanks for looking Brian

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Devialet 440PRO - Audioprana SP/DIF-AES/EBU cable, VPI Classic TurnTable c/w Transfiguration Phoenix Cart, Auralic Aires G2, Audience AU24 USB cable, 
B&W 803D3 (black) Auditorium 23 Cables, 6 x OREA Bronze Footers.
                                                                                                               Ottawa, Canada.

hi price goes lower you think?
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Cosmosound Technologies (
Received the 220Pro in immaculate condition with all accessories. Very well packed with extra polystyrene and stiff foam supports

Used DHL for the transport from Ottawa in Canada to my address in Cape Town, South Africa. Shipping took 11 days and was able to track it each step of the way

Thanks Brian, a very good price for an excellent product and can recommend your sales items to anyone
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