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Max interconnect cable length between 1000 Pro Amps

I have a 4 meter rca to xlr for my d440. It works perfectly.

I had it made here in montreal by Bis audio. It is there top of the line vivat cable.
I compared it against siltech g7, audioquest diamond, nordost silver shadow.
It was easily better than all of them.
[size=x-small]D1000pro, Sonus Faber Amati anniversary, siltech ls88 cables, direct tv, Apple TV, Xbox, Sony projector.

Second system.. d440pro, Sonus Faber Cremona speakers, Mitchell gyro se turntable with cadenza blue, direct tv, Apple TV , sunfire subwoofer, Sony tv.

Third system... d-premier, Opera sp2 speakers , direct tv, Apple TV , Xbox, Sony tv.
I think the Range is between 1.5-5 meter to ensure less jitter issue.

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