Poll: Does Devialet Chat need more moderation?
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45 88.24%
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Moderation poll
I voted no. Agree with other positive comments here about DC. Like Jean-Marie I click the view new posts for my daily intake of DC advice, information and gossip. I also think Guillaume and Rufus do an excellent job of keeping this forum going, keep up the good work fellas. In keeping with the whole reason this thread got started, anyone want to discuss why Devialet changed the name from streamer board to Core Infinity! Sorry off topic but IanG-UK and Pim started it!!
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(17-Jul-2017, 12:20)GuillaumeB Wrote:
(17-Jul-2017, 11:56)Hifi_swlon Wrote: I voted yes,  but as per Pim, it's more like 'could be useful' rather than 'needs'.

To be clear, by moderation I don't mean hardcore moderators popping up everywhere and killing the sites unique style, just a bit of help keeping things tidy - merging, moving, splitting topics etc.

I would personally vote for a slight reshuffle of categories too and maybe some subcategories - updated over time to capture the 'hot topics of the month/year.  Beyond the scope here though.

Hi Hifi_swlon, could you make some suggestions re the reshuffle/reorganisation of categories?



This deserves a proper answer, and despite having had quite a lot of thoughts about it, haven't formed a logical written explanation. But I'll come back with it, and of course feel free to ignore (likely, I'm thinking...) Big Grin

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(18-Jul-2017, 11:50)Pim van Vliet Wrote:
(17-Jul-2017, 21:28)Confused Wrote: One final thought, and lets be honest, forums of this type will always be slightly organic and chaotic.  The irony should be lost on nobody that a thread is opened to discuss moderation and it very soon drifts off topic into discussions of the Calmel family resemblances.  I think this just goes to show that the guidelines need to be 'light touch', sometimes the off topic stuff can be amongst the very best material on the forum.  

Talking about drifting off topic. When I used to have all my CD's stacked 30-40 high on the floor in no particular order I would always find something more exiting to play than what I was initially looking for. That makes for a fun night of music. So maybe we should throw a bit more chaos into the Chat just to increase the fun level. Huh 

Sorry for going even more off topic  Rolleyes

... but you´re not far from reality. Big Grin

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