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Multi-room for reactors :(( any chance to get software upd in nearly future?
Big thanks guys, you really shared very good solutions.
I will try to activate CUSTOM INSTALL mode and connect system through dante adapters to general ppoe switch. Actually i don't understand how it works and just involved dante specialist.

P. S. cutting low frequencies up-to setted value through additional software / hardware, especially to minimize "overbass pressure" on some tracks - is that good idea? If yes, which software is compatible with dante, to supply reactors with cable using some equalizer's presets. Maybe dante solution can solve it all..
It is good you have someone who knows Dante; look at Dante as the transport mechanism to convert music from source to the Reactors. A setup looks like this

The  Auvitran adapters can be purchased from Devialet but there are also 2 other options. Suggest using an Anthem AVM 60 as the source. Anthem has an all channels setting which converts a stereo signal to all 11 channels.

Anthem Room Correction is excellent and should be able to tweak the music. But it was designed for 1 room. It will not work for multi rooms. Have to manually set up system?

The other thing to consider is how to control volume in multi rooms. Dante controller can be used to switch on/0ff channels and you can adjust the gain but it is not a volume control. Using the Bluesound streamer as suggested  by njaiswal, rather than Dante, will solve this problem.
A pair of Devialet Phantom Golds, system described here.

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