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My D400 :-)
Here is my configuration, feel free to send me your opinion.

Devialet D400
Athom GT3
Athom ZEF MAX Cable
Nuc + Roon Rock + Roon Remote Ipad
Gigawatt PF1-1 MK2 + LC1 MK3 +

Post a picture so forum members can have a look and comment
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Nordost Frey 2 Power cable - Blue Jeans Speaker Cables - Audioquest Diamond ,BJ Cables and Supra cat8 ethernet cables
Other: Ipad air with ROON Control / Pro Ject ground base - ISO Acoustics Orea - Herbie Tenderfoots - Herbie Spike Decoupling Gliders  

"and those who were seen dancing were thougt to be insane by those who could not hear the music"
Voila, sorry for the quality of the photos.
We do not see well but you must know that my room is large with a very high ceiling, which creates an important acoustic problem.
I have to fill this room, and why not, install an acoustic ceiling.
Have a good day.

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Great combo with a lot of life performance

Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
Thanks ;-)
Complimenti, molto bello quello che vedo.

Mi piacerebbe provare Athom
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Marietto - Italia

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