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Newbie Phantom Gold owner
Went to my local supplier at the weekend to have a browse at the new reactors.

Walked out with a new phantom gold and a wall mount.

I don't know a huge amount about these but I have seen plenty YouTube videos!
When I heard it I just had to have one.

The one thing I have noticed is that my speaker is rose gold as aposed to the yellow gold that I have seen before.
Is this new? The guy did say the prices have been increased just recently so I assume it's an upgraded model?


Congratulations on your purchase. The “SPEEDY” also looks gorgeous.
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(19-Dec-2018, 11:46)Avi78 Wrote: Congratulations on your purchase.  The “SPEEDY” also looks gorgeous.

Thanks pal, I watched 'first man' the other night through the phantom hoping the speedy would be featured in the movie haha. 
Great sound though.
Saving up for a 2nd!

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