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No bass
I have the Expert Pro 1000 dual mono connected to MBL 101e mkII's. The sound in the midrange and treble is amazing, but something feels very wrong with the (lack of) bass.  Is there som kind of setting or filter I may have missed in the configurator?
Just as a sanity check - have you connected the speakers correctly, as shown in the configurator? It is a bit counter-intuitive at first. (I wonder whether perhaps they are out of phase?)
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Just double-checked and they are correctly connected. But there is definetly a lot lacking below 100 hz...
It could be a room problem. Is the room an open plan area, or does it have permanently open entrances to halls and other spaces, or is it an actual room with doors that can be closed to completely separate the room from other spaces?

The effect of linked spaces on frequency response in a listening room/area can be very unpredictable. My normal audio dealer years ago had a room which was linked to some other spaces and he told me that measurements showed that the frequency response in that room just started rolling off at 100 Hz. He tried a lot of things in attempts to ameliorate that problem.

My room has 2 open archway entrances, one to a hall and the other to an open plan area which also opens to the same hall my first archway opens to. The basic measurements I've tried show a roll off below 100 Hz but I usually don't notice it. What we hear is the sound picked up by our ears after it has been processed by the auditory centres of our brain and the brain "corrects" for some of the things that rooms can do. While my measurements show a roll off, it isn't really noticeable to me most of the time.

You can try using the bass tone control and turning the bass up, or playing with SAM levels if your speakers have a SAM profile, but be aware that if it is a problem with the acoustic behaviour of the room, it is very difficult to fill in dips and roll offs. You can boost the bass levels easily but the room just continues swallowing bass at the same frequencies so you just end up driving the amp harder and harder for very little noticeable benefit.

Try experimenting with speaker placement (closer to walls or corners tends to bring more bass reinforcement) and also try experimenting with moving your listening position forward and backwards a bit. Bass is actually unevenly distributed within a room and there are locations where speakers will deliver more bass and also locations where you will hear more bass. Simply finding the right spots for the speakers and listening position can make a big difference.
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Is there just no bass coming from your speakers or could it be a room issue? A few tests:

- put your ears close to the speakers. If you can hear bass, there's a room problem.

- Try running the Pro without the SD cards. There might be something wrong with your configuration.

- Is the bass turned down on the Pro? Is there some kind of filter in Roon (if you're using that) that you have on?

- Are your speaker bi-wireable and missing the link? You might be connected to the mid/high connection only.
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It seems that there is a "gap" somewhere between 60 and 120 hz (or thereabout). My room is a bit too small and speaker placement is not ideal due to WAF. I propably need room correction hardware...
Just covering the bases - no funny tone controls on the bass that you have on the devialet/ remote?
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I exactly had the same problem with my speakers in my room & had been battling to get it right for almost 12 weeks. Please note that the bass you claim missing is very much present in the room. It's not at all absent. You have to find it. 

I have a square dimensioned room and its damn tough to setup speakers and the listening position in a square room. The challenges are tough; Jim Smith's 'Get Better Sound' did help me a lot but not entirely. In square rooms, you have to use the Fibonacci Golden Ratios to setup your speaker and further fine-tune from there to get things working for you. I must say my journey has been rather very arduous but the results are very fruitful. 

Something similar to my case must be happening at your end. I had a severe suck-out in the 200Hz to 20Hz range and I managed to beat it ... similarly .. don't get disheartened .. you have to get to the bottom of your room problem and then fix it. There's nothing wrong with your system. 
Tip: SAM doesn't work with bad rooms like mine so its set to OFF. You should also totally avoid it.

Good luck !
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It seems that my room is my biggest problem, so I'll have to read up on accoustics... :-)
(02-Feb-2019, 23:03)krisfl Wrote: It seems that there is a "gap" somewhere between 60 and 120 hz (or thereabout). My room is a bit too small and speaker placement is not ideal due to WAF. I propably need room correction hardware...

Step 1, get yourself a umik-1 mic and do some basic REW measurements.

Then you’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with. Fixing it is stage 2 and for that there are loads of options. With each change you can listen and re-measure, and re-evaluate.

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