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OdA Does Not Work
(26-Mar-2018, 14:14)tategoi Wrote: But this is just a RC, not the full release.

Yes, but it did solve my issue as both the Master and Companion now plays as it should. The only difference is that the volume loudness is kinda tone down for the same setting and would need to be cranked up in order to have the same loudness level.

Will spend the weekend listening to the new upgrade/updates and revert the audition

Once again, thanks everyone for the support and advise. More importantly, while this update may not be the full release, nonetheless, Devialet did showed urgency to ensure customers get their gears working .... Well, to me, am grateful for that.

System: TW Acustics Raven GT se, Raven 10.5, Miyajima Zero, Ortofon RSG309, Ortofon SPU A95 Anniversary, ModWright Oppo UDP205, Meridian C200, Devialet OdA #77, Audience Au24 SX cables, Wilson Alexia.

Vintage Turntables: Thorens TD160 Super, SME M2-9, Ortofon 2M Mono SE & Thorens TD147 Jubilee, Ortofon 2M Black
TV Companion: Stereo Phantom Gold

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