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Older models with SAM

I am interested in getting a Devialet. Since I already have Roon Ready Sonore handling streaming I can go without Core Infinity and look for older models on used market but would like to have SAM. Also maybe go with the 250 series which some report to have slightly different sound? I listen mostly digital but also spin Vinyl, current speakers are PMC twenty5.26 and keeping them for a long time. 

Any suggestions on what models I could go for that have SAM and are there any preferred firmware versions on old models that you remember and love that I should install that have sonic differences ?
If I’m not mistaking, every model except the D Premier supports SAM and even the latest SAM version.

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Very good match 250 and Twenty5.26
(12-Aug-2019, 12:20)ghosttipper Wrote: Very good match 250 and Twenty5.26
 They are quite rare, but perhaps I’d try to find one and not the D400 I was thinking first. Would there be that much difference to get the D800 with 25.6 ?
You might want to check the SAM list to see if your speakers are compatable.
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(12-Aug-2019, 16:13)avta Wrote: You might want to check the SAM list to see if your speakers are compatable.

Done that, luckily they are and someone who has heard them with SAM reported they work also quite well.

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