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Ortofon 2M Black
Hi sorry if previously covered, 

my Project classic came with Ortofon 2M silver and sounds good (perhaps little poor in resolution compared to digital).  I am keen to upgrade and don't want issues with low output carts (MC) and hiss (if this really is problem).  Therefore I was thinking of Ortofon Black MM which has good reviews or Bronze if people think more appropriate for my setup?  I listen mostly to blues, jazz, folk and some rock.

Thanks in advance

Roon, Tidal, Macbook Pro 15 (quad core, 16 GB), Project Classic, Ortofon 2M Black, Devialet 220 pro CI, Quad Z3 (Black). Bowers & Wilkins DB3D Subwoofer, Scotland, UK.
Low output MC carts can be problematic, but will work very well and noise-free with a step up transformer.
Or, maybe even better (as in lower price, still high performance) high output MC cartridges. The Dynavector 10X5 MKll is good. It even has a Shibata stylus.
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I’ve not owned either myself, but when I was investigating a cartridge change the general consensus was that the Black is very sensitive to setup (VTA) and can sound somewhat analytical, and the Bronze while not as revealing was a bit more of an all-rounder and more forgiving of setup (and cheaper!)
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Dublin, Ireland
The 2M Silver is similar to the 2M Red and 2M Blue cartridges, in terms of quality. Both the 2M Bronze and 2M Black will be decent upgrades. Between the two, I'd recommend the 2M Black if the price is within your budget.
Neko Audio
I went from an Apheta 2 to a Hana MH high output MC on my RP10 and was delighted with the hiss-free and well-balanced results!

Hana offer a range of high output MCs, so might be worth investigating.


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