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Plex, UPnP, DOS2, and Phantom
I’m trying to compare the different protocols available in DOS2 and can’t seem to find clear instructions on how UPnP should work in my system.

I found this:

I have Plex, which should cover the Server side, and the Phantom is the renderer. I assumed that the Plex App would also cover the role of the remote app, but I don’t see the Phantom as an option amidst the airplay and chromecast devices under the list of places I should be able to “fling” content to. 

Is this a configuration issue in Plex, or do I need another app in the middle to play the role of the remote control?
Use a UPnP controller App such as BubbleUpnp, Hi-fi Cast, both Android or mconnect (iOS) to select the renderer (Phantom) and the library (Plex).
Is UPNP still at Beta stage in DOS2?
(15-Nov-2019, 19:56)superstock Wrote: Is UPNP still at Beta stage in DOS2?
Why does it matter whether it is beta or not?  I have been using DOS1 beta UPnP with no issues.
DOS1 remained beta until the end even though I in practice I didn't experience any problems with it but there were other options available.

With DOS2 l hope Devialet can confidently pin their flag to the mast with UPNP as it is now the only HiFi option left apart from downgrading to Apple Play or Bluetooth.

I also have no firm problems with UPNP, but wonder if Devialet themselves now stand behind it and release it as a non beta offering.

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