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Reactor 600 or 900? anyone heard the difference?
Reactor 600 or 900? anyone heard the difference?
I've got 2x Silvers, 2x 900w Reactors and 2x 600w Reactors so feel like I should reply to some of the posts I've seen asking for opinions, however I'm probably not the right person to give you a comparison as so far I've only used them with Spotify!

I haven't done any side-by-side comparisons, and am comparing silvers in stereo with optical from the TV/computer to the dialog with mono Reactors using Spotify connect but here's my non-scientific 2c:

- 600 and 900w Reactors sound the same, until you get to the limit of the 600w
- I actually prefer the sound of the Reactors to my 2x Silvers (perhaps I should have bought 2x Golds?!)
- Reactor firmware is NOT stable, regular random reboots on all 4 Reactors (obvious because of the noise they make when they power up), or speakers don't show up as AirPlay devices if powered on and not used for 24+ hours

If anyone has any specific questions or anything they'd like me to try for you please let me know.

Thanks Andy for your post! Can you elaborate a bit what you like better on the Reactor compared to the Silver Phantoms? Would you make a direct comparison between the two? For this I would propose you to place one Silver Phantom and one of your Reactors 900W close together or even one above the other. Then I would play them through Spotify connect and switch between them using the same track. Like this you can compare the spoud signature if it is the same or what is different. Try to keep the perceived volume the same or better measure it with e.g. a phone app or a real loudness measurement analyzer.
Of course any other feedback is welcome.
Hi Andy, thanks for the feedback! what do you mean by "reaching the limit of the 600"? I am trying to work out if i should go for the 600 or 900 for home use (read - living room). Would you (if you had to make a choice) keep the 900 or 600´s?) thanks again!
I'm travelling tomorrow but I'll look to do a comparison with a single silver, 600w and 900w Reactor on Thursday. If anyone has any song they'd like to hear compared I'll record it (though I don't know how helpful that'll be as I've only got my phone to record with) and post a link. I'll look for an app to try and keep the volume consistent.

When I say limit I mean volume limit of the 600w, but I wasn't comparing with a 900w in the same room, or even straight after the 900w so probably wasn't even worth mentioning, sorry!

For reference, I've put a 600w in my study and bathroom, both of which are less than 10m2, then the 900w are in my bedroom (~12m2) and kitchen (~25m2). I'm not convinced that the 900w is enough for the kitchen, but it's placement is less than ideal - just on a window sill at the moment near a corner of the room.
Maybe you can try this from Spotify:
From Kari Bremnes the album Svarta bjørn, e.g. track 3 ‘Sangen om kordan damen skal være’
Dear Andy, thanks so much for taking the time for this.

I find it a little worrying that the 900 is not enough for a kitchen?
my silver can lift the roof! Don't need roof lifting power, but would still be nice with some distortion free volume on the 600/900s Smile

As for songs to to play, best to choose something you know well yourself.

Looking forward to hearing back!

Many thanks again!

Hello, have a question
I know doesn’t belong on this topic but how would a reactor 900
Stand against a genelec speaker?
(26-Dec-2018, 19:01)Juanbk Wrote: Hello, have a question
I know doesn’t belong on this topic but how would a reactor 900
Stand against a genelec speaker?

Which one?
Hi Guys, Please stay on topic or start an new one Smile

Reactor 600 or 900? anyone heard the difference?

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