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Reactor firmware 2.5.1 update
My Reactor updated to 2.5.1 firmware. I did not receive any notice new firmware was available I just happened to check. Still unable to find any information about Reactor firmware releases.
Hello ! I opened a ticket one month ago concerning the log changes and the fact that the update was made without telling us what the changes were ! I had a feedback today and the support replied that the change logs will be soon available, and also that the changes made for now on reactor were correction on bluetooth and "lipsync" (whatever that means)
More interestingly how are they on ver 2.5.1 already?

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‘Normal’ cables. *eBay LPS on the Allo, no discernible SQ change over Pi supply.
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Tested with a movie before and after the update, with and without the AV Sync option:

- Before 2.5.1:
  • AV Sync off =>  Dodgy
  • AV Sync on =>  Undecided
- After 2.5.1:
  •  AV Sync off =>  Undecided
  •  AV Sync on =>  Smile
But for movies I still need stereo at least... but that's another topic.
when are they going to add Comcast audio built in? I have to plug a Comcast audio into the back of my speaker to use it with my multi room setup. it cant be that hard I have cheap Sony speakers and LG soundbars that have it.

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