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Shipping Phantoms to customers, on a pallet.

I think I don't need to explain why. Wink

What is the point you want to get across?
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I’m glad you said it. I think a bit of an explanation could be pretty useful! Smile

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Maybe he is now the lucky owner of Phantoms?
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Are they so fragile, right?
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That's the new Diamond Phantom he's talking about. It's bigger.
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Didn't some people complain they found there speakers delivered upside down despite the clear markings on the box?
That might be a reason?
However, I don't see any damages that could be caused through the upside down position.
Ok, I'll give an example.

When I bought the Silvers, before Gold was announced, one of the reasons I sent them back, was that I wasn't happy with the sound, enough to keep them.
Second reason was, there was some cosmetic damage, caused during shipping. The shipping boxes had bangs on them in several places, and the artistic Devialet cases had damages also, on some corners, mainly.

These F****** are heavier than they look, that gives an extra reason to the already careless people that ship everything, at least in the USA, to drop them like it's hot.

There is nothing that Devialet can do, for the shipping companies to treat with care the supplies they ship.

They only thing they can do for customers to be completely happy on this subject, is to either eliminate the no-pallet rule, and ship them with a pallet free of charge, or at an extra cost. Or add the pallet option at an extra cost of shipping.

When I bought them, I did through online MOMA store in NYC. I used standard shipping, not expedited. (The latter probably made them go through more hands, but still.)

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