Poll: Planning to upgrade to Pro?
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Yes, am very likely to upgrade
43 23.63%
No, not looking to upgrade
48 26.37%
Waiting to get more information about SQ or other benefits
91 50.00%
Total 182 vote(s) 100%
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So, who is planning to upgrade to a Pro?
Now that we know the cost, and what we'll be getting for the money, who is planning to upgrade to the Pro version?
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No, and I don't think even glowing reviews for the Pro and unability to add streaming card and exclusive new additions to software will persuade me - too expensive in my case (D200, bought a couple of months ago).
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Never say never, but I'm thinking not.

Actually I did say I'd never spend another penny with Devialet but if they stay true to ipetition statement and show real improvement, and AIR ever works for me personally, then who knows. Time's a great healer.

That said, for £3k I'd want a hell of an increase in SQ and I'd never buy something that hadn't even been designed yet. £1.5k for the bits that exist now, and a further £1.5k when the streamer board and OS comes out. Maybe, certainly a much better proposition.

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I'm thinking of going for it, but only after reading feedback from early adopters. It had better be worth nearly 5 grand. Who is going to be the first? 

 After you, no, after you, old bean!
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I will, but I am in no rush.
The quote for updating my Goldmund Mimesis 29.4 was £11,000 + labour, I didn't bother since IMO the sound was no different (it was simply a case of having a better resale value).
I updated my D-Premiers to 800 but probably shouldn't have since I miss HDMI and have never used USB seriously and my speakers are not SAMmed.

In the last 45 years as a hifi enthusiast the Devialet is only the second product I have owned that the maker offers an update for.
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I need to know more about the following before I can make any decision on upgrade:

1) comparison of SQ of an upgraded 200 to 220 Pro versus just buying a 200 companion for a 400.
2) will there be a lower upgrade cost for more recent buyers (eg... this year)
3) will there be a downside to NOT upgrading in terms of firmware availability or streamer boards yet-to-be-defined.

I don't doubt I'll someday wish I had a Pro, but in the near-term, the US upgrade prices just seem crazy high with way too little information available to justify jumping on it.
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Yep definitely
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I am currently in the 'Waiting to get more information about SQ' category. To be clear, I am only really interested in the D800 vs 1000 pro amplifier sound quality, not the streamer board. For this, I will not have to wait long, the demo is booked!

To be honest, I am not too bothered about the streamer board. I am currently very happy with my mR/Mutec 'streamer'. If the new Devialet streamer board ultimately proves to have excellent SQ, that would be a bonus.
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I Think so if i get really upgrade yes , about streaming i Don,t Care i don,t Stream i have a cd player ,and turntable, and a blueray player and that is that . And the Sound from devialet is great , and One more thing it is only 1 box
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Just curious about how much better the D220 Pro will sound next to a D200 or a D400 since upgrading to dubble mono might be as expensive as upgrading to the Pro. Also think the upgrade is pretty high prized for D200 owners, so really will not decide unless I have heard what we are getting for the now known upgrade prize.
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