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Stereo Problem
I have two silver phantoms and a dialog which I use for airplay. 
The reason I use a dialog is one phantom is not airplay compatible directly as its older version. 

Anyway I can set them up as a stereo pair and everything works fine. Until after some random period of time one of the phantoms disappears and I lose the system. I have to do a complete reset of the lost phantom and set it up again. Then I create the stereo pair and off we go again. 

It is not the same phantom when this happens and appears to be random. The phantoms are in PLC mode and both work fine individually all day and night without any problem. 

Anyone have any clues?
Thanks and stay safe.
I have not that had that problem but one thing you could try is eliminating the Dialog from the system. Only one device needs to be AirPlay compatible, iiuc, so as long as one of your Phantoms is it can act as the AirPlay receiver and perform the AirPlay decoding and stereo splitting.

No logic behind why this should work where the configuration with Dailog is not, but it is free, relatively easy to test, reversible, and if successful it has both simplified your system and removed a potential fire risk from your listening room!

Good luck!

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Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it didn't work. When I removed the dialog both stopped working. I could select then in Airplay but as soon as i went to an app to play something I would immediately get a pop up saying couldn't connect airplay to phantoms, even though without music they were connected.

So back to square one Sad
I rue the day I upgraded from Spark to DOS. All I've had is problems since then. When I had spark the system would run for hours and hours without a problem and being able to stream radio from within Spark made it a great product. Now that facility is lost I have a pair of expensive unreliable speakers.
You are connecting them together using PLC or Ethernet right?

You can check in network setting for the device

WiFi was useless for me but instantly perfect since switching to PLC
Pioneer123 - wondering if you would be up for an experiment??

With all this forced working at home - I've needed to set up a small temporary office at home. I couldn't justify some Reactors, so got a couple of Sonos Ones as my desk speakers. Similar to Phantoms, all set up went well out of the box and was enjoying until I'd start to lose the system at seemingly random points in time. This would require a full systeym reset to get them reconnected. After making some network changes, the system has now been stable for weeks.

The solution came from one of the many Sonso discussion groups and now seems quite obvious.

I completed a clean setup of the 2 Sonos Ones as stand alone speakers (not paired to a stereo pair).

I then hoped into my router settings and made sure EACH SPEAKER had a static IP address (earlier attempts I and done ended with one static and one dynamic).

Once completed, I then connected them into a stereo pair.

Apparently the problem with the Sonos systems is they at times don't like the router integration for DHCP IP addressing. Once this was removed by issuing static addresses, all was good!!

Any - food for thought. I'll leave it with you.


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