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Stumbled over a Devialet 120
(20-Aug-2018, 17:54)Sailor4W Wrote:
(20-Aug-2018, 12:39)BoyScout Wrote: Congrats and welcome!
Now maybe you can try bigger speakers to get more from your Dev, but keep the system simple... listen to your wife.

Good point! I am thinking of upgrading to the ATC SCM40 speakers. I heard them a few months ago and they are spectacular! Might just see the ATC dealer with my Devialet to try out the SCM40s. Very curious about that!

The image attached shows my SCM11s with my old set-up. They are very nice speakers, indeed, but not to be compared to the 40s!

Nice set up! But with the new amp i´m sure you´ll improve it a lot.

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