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Thoughts of buying the Cambridge cnx v2
Hi all,
Having Thoughts of buying the Cambridge cnx v2 .
It has optical in&out and it seems like a good choice streamer for my 2 golds.
In my country its about 1200$.

Please advise...maybeo contenders in this price range?

Any recommendations Rolleyes ?
I don't have a recommendation because I haven't heard it but John Darko has just posted a video about it that may be of interest to you:
Roon Nucleus+, Devilalet Expert 140 Pro CI, Focal Sopra 2, PS Audio P12, Keces P8 LPS, Uptone Audio EtherREGEN with optical fibre link to my router, Shunyata Alpha NR and Sigma NR power cables, Shunyata Sigma ethernet cables, Kimber Select speaker cables, Grand Prix Audio Monaco rack, RealTRAPS acoustic treatment.

Brisbane, Qld, Australia
@David A
10x David that's the same link i posted (:

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