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Too Many Multiple Quotes
I have difficulty enjoying this forum because too many posts contain multiple quotes.  I have to wade through endless repetition to get to a new, one sentence post. 

Suggestions for improvement:

1. Just say what you mean and forget about repeating the entire thread as a quote in your post. Angry

2. Can the format be changed so quotes show up as darker or a different color or otherwise clearly distinct from the new information?  I find everything looks so much alike I have to really look hard to find the added information.
Changing the default quoting mechanism to include less historical quotes would definitely benefit the site in my opinion too.....

Roon lifetime > Mac mini (RoonServer) > Eth > Allo DigiOne* > BNC ( >AES via Neutrik) > Devialet 250 Pro CI > PMC fact.8
‘Normal’ cables. *eBay LPS on the Allo, no discernible SQ change over Pi supply.
- London, UK -
>>> Devialet ‘EPO’ System - Expert Planned Obsolescence! <<<

I reduced the maximum nested quote tags from 5 to 3 (it just won't display more than that). Doesn't affect existing posts. It could possibly go down to 2.
I agree about the colours - it can be a bit confusing.
I am Devialetless!  Perhaps temporary?
Nord One SE NC500, Mytek Brooklyn, Melco N1A, Rega RP6/Exact, Raidho C-1.1, Shunyata Denali and cables, grounding boxes.
Thank you Rufus.  That is a step forward.
Hi All honesty, I am convinced that the real solution is poster discipline over any 'mechanical' solution.

Good posting hygiene IMHO should only quote the very sentences we are responding or reacting too and drop the rest with the indication that something has been cut using [...] or similar as an indicator.

Maybe something to put in the guidelines for poster?

all the best,

MacBookPro -> Air -> WiFi -> PLC -> Ethernet -> Devialet 220pro with Core Infinity (upgraded from 120) -> AperturA Armonia
I strongly agree with this, and I think part of the problem is that the quotation is automatically done if we click the reply button on the post. It's easier to click the reply button there then click the "New reply" button at the end. It happens to me almost all the time, and then I need to delete the quoted text... I never saw such behaviour in other forums, so, if you could disable this automatic quoting procedure I think it would be very helpful! Wink

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