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Two optical connections

I currently have two classic phantoms paired in stereo with a direct optical connection into one phantom, which connects to my music server/player.

I want to add a second music source (a turntable) with an optical connection. Can I just connect this direct to the other phantom and it will automatically pick up whichever source is activated first and still play on stereo?

Or, do I need to share the feed into the same phantom with my music server and get an optical switch / splitter and manually select which feed comes in?

Welcome any experience / thoughts on this, and generally on turntable connections and successful set ups?!


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I haven’t connected to both at the same time, but my two golds automatically figure it out when I switch from one speaker’s optical connection to the other. I’m pretty sure you can keep both connected and switch between them.
Yes, you have just to connect your second device to the second Phantom. I use a CD player and a record deck this way, with two optical cables.
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Thanks for the reply. Sounds good. Do you need to do anything in the app to select source or does it just sort itself?

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You will see two options (Left and Right) when you select AUX
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