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USB to AES/EBU converter
I am reading that the AES/EBU input on The Ds is the best sounding option one can use and this is also true to the PRO models (although the difference is somewhat smaller)

The latter is the reason I decided to invest to an USB to AES/EBU converter.

After some digging around, I have concluded to the following:

1) m2tech hiface evo:300€
2) Weiss INT/204: 1690€
3) MUTEC MC3+ USB: 1100€

Has anyone tested them and wants to share his experience? I cannot find the Weiss available for audition here in Greece.

I know almost everyone is using the MUTEC which is athe most complete packaga overall...

If anyone has anyother suggestion, please feel free to share!

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You could also consider:

* Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2: USD200 (
* Singxer SU-1: USD 400 (
* Gustard U12 (available from many suppliers, eg. on Amazon) 

I don't have any experience with those, although the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 tempted me.  It seems to be well-liked on the Roon forum, at least.
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A cheaper alternative to the Mutec MC3+USB is the Singxer SU-1, see thread linked below:

Coincidentally, I was PM'ing another member re Mutec products this morning. One thing I am speculating about is Mutec's 'Empyreal' class products. So far there is only one Mutec Empyreal product, the REF10. It does seam odd to have a reference clock in the 'Empyreal class' but nothing in the Empyreal class that it can actually connect to. So I suspect that there will be an Empyreal class MC3 before too long, something a little more domestic audiophile orientated, with a Linear PSU etc. This is pure speculation on my part, but it does seem odd that Mutec have an Empyreal class section on their website with only the REF10 in that class.

If my wild speculation about a new super Mutec MC3 proves to be correct, we might see a few bargain second hand MC3's on the market.
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Thank you @Confused for the hint!
I am confused. I have a Expert pro 220 CI and Devialet advice line told me that for connecting mac to USB in D, MC3 or other USB bridge will not improve SQ. What do you all think about this? I was hoping that the SQ in 220 CI could be further improved.
To be quite frank, the only way you'll find out whether adding a USB to S/P-DIF or AES3 converter makes a difference to the sound quality -- and if so, whether or not that is an improvement to your ears -- is to try it for yourself.

There are some technical arguments as to why a USB audio input might have lower objective performance than AES3; for example, some USB ports on computers can inject quite high levels of 8 kHz noise via power and ground.  But on the other hand, the quality of the AES3 input is more dependent on the source (e.g. if you're worried about jitter).  Bearing that in mind I can understand why Devialet said that adding a USB-to-whatever converter wouldn't improve sound quality -- they tend to take a fairly no-nonsense, engineering-based perspective on this kind of topic.
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Warwickshire, UK

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