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USB vs Wi Fi
i have been streaming music from Mac to my D400 via USB for the last 3 days. And i have found it sounds better than Wi FI that i have been using for the last 4 years.I am interested to see what everyone else's experience is.
There's a poll here: (albeit run some time ago).
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Two friends with Devialets have been using USB and wireless streaming respectively

Then I persuaded one to try an ethernet (Cat 7 shielded) cable instead of the cheapie USB cable. Within 30 seconds he said it was much smoother, the tops were not as harsh and the "3D" effect of a solo singer was more noticeable

He is running an inexpensive ACER laptop running Windows 10 and streams from Tidal Hi-Fi and also has a HDD. Media Player is JRiver

Forgot to say: If I stream from the Macbook to the Devialet via wifi, then the Internet does not work. Probably a configuration issue, but I have not ascertained it yet

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