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User Manual?
I have just purchased a Devialet 200 and I am a bit confused ( and frustrated) at not finding a comprehensive user manual either in hard copy or online. Huh

For example, I am unable to figure out how to connect the Devialet to my wifi network or how to copy configuration files to the Devialet. I hope I am missing something glaringly obvious!!! Blush

Can someone please help? Many many thanks in advance. Wink
I dont actually own a Devialet yet but have contacted the below on a couple of occasions and they have been very helpful

[email protected]
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Hi Shantanu. There is no user manual as such! So no,you are not missing something glaringly obvious

There is a support section with few Q&A which devialet managed to hide well in the maze of the new website!

I world say the best resource you have would be on the forum here

First off, you need to create an account on my Maison on deviate website and then register your devialet. From there you can access the configurator and manage all the settings including WiFi settings.

Once you are done with configuration you click on the link of download configuration file and on the page that loads right click and choose save as to the SD card which you then plug in the back of your devialet

It will be a good idea to save a copy of that file on your computer in a folder that gives it a meaningful description for your reference

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Shantanu - Welcome to this forum from another new member. Own D120 since 2 weeks now.

Before my Devialet arrived, I had read lot on this link-> again passed on to me by this gracious members on this forum.

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