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Various NAS Server used on the Forum
I started with a Synology DS213j with 2xWD 3TB Red HDDs. Upgraded to QNAP TVS-471 reusing the HDDs and adding an Intel 120GB SSD to run Roon server on the NAS.
Roon -> AIR -> Ethernet ->  D220-> KEF Reference 3
Hello, use the DiskStation DS716 + II / 8TB to backup the Melco Music Files. Make a 3-stage backup with 2 ext. SSD drives and the DiskStation! Rolleyes
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Germany / Bavaria
I'm using a Synology 1815+ full with WD 6Tb Red Pro drives.

It's connected to an Asus RT-AC5300 router via a Cisco SG300-10 switch (for link aggregation).

I'm also running a RP-AC68U wifi bridge to the living room and connect my Devialet and my Oppo 105D to it.

Using either Roon or my Oppo 105D to connect to my music library.

For what it's worth, I don't think that there a justification to go full SSD on a NAS used to stream music. I would rather maximize the NAS' memory or spare 2 drive bays and use them as SSD caching if you really feel you need more speed.

Most of us would not have multiple concurrent users (as in 15+ users) accessing the NAS to justify going full SSD.

That being said, I'm intrigued by QNAP Qtier storage architecture... Basically combining HDD, SSD & NVMe SSD onto a single storage pool that would automatically shift files around to speed up access...
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Older 1812+ Synology NAS. I concur I would not use SSD drives in it for my data/music files. I do have a smaller SSD in there to use for caching, but that is more to extend the life of the hard drives. Doesn't make any difference in serving up music files. And I usually only have one concurrent user, at most two.

I use the two spare bays for extra drives to back up parts of the main Raid 5 volume. Along with other external backups.

Roon ROCK on Intel NUC6i5SYH/Ethernet | VPI Avenger | Devialet 440 Pro CI | Vivid Audio Giya G3 | Auralic Aires Mini | Synology 1812+ NAS
Qnap TS-421 using WD RED 3TB in raid5 configuration. Only one user connected at a time, jo speed problems.

However, storage space is decreasing and I will have to plan my expansion schedule...

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I have 2 NAS systems
1. QNAP TS-253A 2x3TB (recommended by meridian)
2. QNAP HS-210 2x3TB (recommend by totaldac)
Now when I use roon on both system I use only the QNAP HS-210 and 253a is backup
Both run smoothly , never had a single issue with either of them. I'm not using SSD, currently I don't feel the need nas response fast enough and overall SQ is good.
(03-Mar-2015, 10:44)Jnan_devi Wrote: Hello All - going through various threads i m little confused which NAS server is good/best/does not matter as long as intermediate boxes (NetP-Network player, apps, other means ) work well.

Is there any difference in each feature? some NAS also gives out audio USB, some have USB but dont do audio ?.
Following is the Request.
1) For now I m just polling various NAS servers used by members on the forum.
2) If you have Network server with storage (Like Aurender X100L etc) please quote the same too to help folks make right choice
3) Welcome if you want to share additional details like how each NAS being used in their setup- Wired to same router as Devialet or NAS is else where on the network etc
My current setup : Western Digital 3TB wired << AE >> wired Devialet.
audio stream, AIR_ETH, and also Toslike from AE to Devialet = both work well.
WD NAS (the one i have) USB port - used to connected external HDD and not for audio streaming.
I also use WD App to browse folders to send over Airplay to AE and toslink to Devialet.
I use a Synology DS416j NAS with a pair of 6TB Western Digital (WD) Red drives. WD is now offering 10TB hard drives so you can have 40TB of storage in a 4 bay NAS, slightly less storage if you enable RAID as your backup plan, which I highly recommend. WD provides a 5-year warranty on their Red drives.

The NAS is connected to my Netgear switch and I use MinimServer on a MacMini as the UPnP music server software. Setting up the MinimServer software takes some patience but once the environment is set up, you only need to launch MinimServer and run a quick re-scan when you add song titles to your NAS. My Mac Mini remains powered off most of the time as I use a Lumin S1 as my network player & DAC.

Make sure to use high quality Ethernet cables to connect your NAS and any other equipment in the playback chain. It makes a difference for SQ.
I would highly recomend raid with two failover discs option, SHR-2. Have Synology DS151 with 1 disc fail raid, and guess what, two discs died on same day.
(27-Aug-2017, 19:49)dr.sah Wrote: I would highly recomend raid with two failover discs option, SHR-2. Have Synology DS151 with 1 disc fail raid, and guess what, two discs died on same day.

You never can be too careful. I run a QNAP HS251+ silent NAS with two 6TB WD reds in raid 1 configuration and back everything up to a HD connected to my Mac. There are some that say you should back up to a hard drive off site, presumably to give you protection if your house burns down, perish the thought.
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