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Wall mount
(01-Oct-2014, 09:01)Gavin @ Guildford Audio Wrote: The price of the wall mount is now £159

I think they were previously £385 which was a crazy price for a bit of beautifully moulded acrylic with a dinky spirit level. So down now by almost 60%!
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The wall mount is indeed £159, but this does not include V.A.T.

Therefore total RRP in the UK is £191.

My apologies for any confusion.

Can anyone send me a quick drawing or dimensions of the wall mounts ?

i wanted to make a custom built. I can get a heavy duty steam frame with power coated to ensure rust free etc and also "look good" types ...

alternatively i also like Long screws with some kind of cylinder between wall and the devialet for mount (to increase air circulation if you will) can also be done but i m looking for dimensions spacing, (290mm between is good and what about vertical dimension (can we measure it under Devialet and thats how we got the dimensions?.

what type of screws are recommended?.
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