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Wyred4Sound Sonos Connect
I have this for sale on Canuck Audio Mart, but thought this morning that I'd post it here as well. I have a W4S Sonos:CONNECT for sale. I'm the original owner. It is a notable step up in sound quality from the stock Connrect. I also have a Nordost Purple Flare power cable to go with it. The cable does make a difference to the modified Connect. The modification includes a new clock and some other stuff. For digital out, there is the improved coax out as well as the digital out, and analogue inputs so the connection options are very good. 

I have a Sonos: AMP as well, but I mention that just in case there is any interest in that item. 

Both are Gen 2 units, meaning that they are compatible with the new S2 Sonos Controller. I'll just post a few pics here. The W4S modification to the stock Connect is still available, and is $550.00 USD plus shipping plus your own Connect. 

This is the 96 KHz upgrade, so the highest resolution that W4S recommends. 

Asking price for the Connect is $650.00, and for CAM members, I'll do the Connect and 1.0 m power cable for $750.00, plus shipping. 


NAD M32 as streamer and power for kitchen system in-wall speakers, & Cambridge CXC CD transport into a D220 Pro CI, capably carried by Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable, and thence made expansive by Dali Epicon 2 speakers and juiced by wonderful custom power cords from NRG Custom Cables, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
Vancouver, Canada

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