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(repost) Stereophile Recommended Components 2020 Edition (Expert 140 Pro)

Devialet Expert 140 Pro: $6490

Two years after his first Devialet experience—sharing a Paris apartment with two Gold Phantom speakers—Jim Austin spent time with the manufacturer's integrated, the Expert Pro, in entry-level guise. Essentially a 140Wpc integrated amp with a built-in streaming DAC, the Devialet utilizes a unique output section that links Class-D with class-A circuitry that, in the manufacturer's words, "corrects and completes" the signal. Support for Roon, Qobuz, and Tidal—the latter two via UPnP—is also built in. The Expert 140 Pro comes with an "unusual" remote control—a large volume knob and three small buttons; alternatively, the user can download Devialet's smartphone/tablet-friendly Devialet Expert Remote app. Only one analog input (RCA) is provided, and it can be programmed to serve as an MM/MC phono stage—although all incoming signals are processed in the digital domain. JCA noted the amp's "remarkable sense of openness," combined with "impressive" bass weight and a pleasing freedom from editorializing: "It [was] honest, evenhanded, liquid, open." Apart from bemoaning its "complex" setup scheme, JCA considered the Expert 140 Pro "an easy recommendation." Technical Editor JA admired the DAC section's "almost 20 bits worth of resolution," but he noted higher than expected levels of background noise. (Vol.42 No.12 WWW)
Yes, saw that.

And the Devialet is breaking the alphabetical order. :-)

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