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vote Magico M3 for SAM?
Thinking about it, for speakers that price, you could probably have negotiated with the seller that they get them to Devialet and SAM them before you handed over your cash.....

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Well, it is an effort to get 400 pound speakers from San Francisco to Paris...

But if Devialet wants to bring the SAM Lab to my house, that works for me. :-)
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Vote placed. Curious how SAM influences the SQ. Perhaps I could borrow them for a day or two?  Tongue
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Just updating this ancient thread, now that Devialet has added SAM profiles for a bunch of newer Magico speakers, including the M3. Having tried it out, I can say (a) I still like SAM dialed way down (using 15% now) to get phase correction and protection, with less of the bass augmentation and (b) the improvement wrought by SAM is less clear on the M3 than it was on my previous Q1 speakers. The change is readily apparent, but I'm not entirely clear yet that it's an improvement. In short, it's a much closer call with the M3. But I *think* I prefer it (again, with SAM at 15%). Time will tell.
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Quick question for any SAM experts out there.

I currently have Magico S3 speakers and use SAM (25% range) and enjoy it. However, I have older Audio Physics Classic 30 speakers that have never been SAM’d. Many years ago I asked the dealer where I bought the speakers when they would have SAM - he said probably never mumbling something about their design. As near as I can tell, practically every other AP speaker is SAM’d. Are these the perfect speakers? Hard to imagine. No one other than me bought them (that has a Devialet)? Hard to imagine. 

So, my question is - is it possible that SAM just doesn’t work for certain speakers?

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I don't think they can be SAM'd. The process of developing a profile starts with taking measurements of the bass driver's performance but those measurements are taken with a laser inferometer which measures the distances the driver moves. I found a description of your Classic 30's online and it included the following statement "…new groundbreaking innovations such as its bass unit, which is integrated into the loudspeaker cabinet and therefore cannot be seen from the outside". If you can't see the driver from outside the box then you can't measure it's movement with a laser inferometer.

It's not so much that SAM doesn't work for certain speakers, the process can only be done with certain speakers. Full range lectrostatics and ribbon speakers can't be done, for instance, because there isn't a bass driver cone and the measurement process can't be applied to electrostatic panels and too ribbons. I think it probably can't be applied to bass cone drivers hidden inside the cabinet because you'd have to disassemble the speaker to get at the driver for measurement and exposing the driver for measurement is going to change the way it works because it is no longer subject to the same kind of pressure loading it's under inside the box so the measurements that could then be made would be invalid.

Sorry but I think you're out of luck with the Classic 30's.
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Thanks @David A - I’ll have to do some more searching, but I thought the AP C 20 was similar in design and it is SAM’d. Any Devialet users with Audio Physic Classic 20 or 30 out there?
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Ask Magico , they know Devialet well .

It was their CTO who recommended me to get devialet when they introduced the d-premier

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A data point...had the Q3’s...the M3 predecessor. Used D440s. SAM had a very limited influence to my ears. They sounded unbelievable gorgeous with the D440.
Don’t worry too much about SAM, you have a pair of one of the most extraordinary speakers extant, IMHO.

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