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2 gold phantoms plus dialogue and geckos for sale
Thinking of upgrading so putting feelers out would be looking for £4K

Or £200 less without geckos 

All totally mint with boxes bought from hificorner less than a year ago 

Located in Brighton - could ship after cleared payment or meet up somewhere but of course demo and collection preferred Smile

Let me know if any interest 

Kind regards
£5629 new price with the Gecko stands - so a decent £1600 saving when they are essentially good as new Smile

And don’t believe any of the mid-fi nonsense some people spout without knowing. They have done a terrible job of marketing these - loads of reviews from Tech magazines using a single speaker on a desk

Set up properly they just incredible - especially considering it’s 2 little space eggs and a tiny router in the cupboard! That’s all you need to start streaming from Tidal / Spotify / Airplay / Bluetooth. And just an optical cable to connect other sources!

If the ridicooius deal I found on the upgrade falls through - I will be keeping them for sure!

Will post a pic once I can work out how on earth to get back into my flickr account Sad

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