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4*Devialet 400 + B&W Nautilus
(20-Nov-2014, 21:45)Antoine Wrote: This has been done before by the way several years back with 8 D-Premiers.

In the pictures Antoine posts I believe there is also a number of DEQX units in the racks. That would explain how the cross overs where done.
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The Devialet engineer who told me about the Nautilus system implied that the crossovers had been implemented in the Devialet with a custom configuration.
There may be a different system using DEQX units, but that would be a pretty inefficient use of Devialet technology IMHO.
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I'm guessing that the Devialets do the crossovers and the DEQX boxes are used for phase alignment.

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I think @Antoine's pictures are from a few years ago and show the previous active system using D-Premiers. The pictures of the latest demo, with eight D200's, do not show any DEQX boxes.
Confused is right, and I also wrote that the system I showed were D-Premiers and it was done years ago. It was a users system, indeed with DEQX units. The current Devialets have much more powerful DSP's.
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