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AIR problem with Windows 10
(24-Mar-2020, 09:21)Stephan84 Wrote:
(21-Mar-2020, 18:06)ekal Wrote: Hi,

just noticed this thread. I've previously been in contact with Devialet about Windows 10 and AIR issues (blue screens of death) and they just concluded that Windows 10 and AIR are incompatible:

My correspondence with Devialet support:

Hi Emmanuelle,

thanks for contacting me again. The incompatibility with Windows and AIR has persisted, and unlike I had hoped, is causing blue screens regardless of whether sound is being outputted or not. So I have only been able to use my Windows 10 computer after removing AIR completely from it. So yes, I've had now a stable system that way, which is not the same as solving the problem.

Obviously, this is quite a big issue.

Hope it gets solved soon, and I'm looking for updates for the process on this.

* * * * * * * * * *

Emmanuelle (Dev support):

Hello ****,

Hope this email finds you well.

For now, Devialet Air under Windows 10 is non official.
Therefore, we don't have solutions for this until a next update.

If you need to stream, what we recommend is UpnP or Roon which are excellent options.

Hi Ekal,

very interesting post for me - seems not all of the Devialet support know this. My contact is Shai.
Maybe you can tell me when you got this post form Emmanuelle?

Thanks and stay healty,

Hi Stephan, 

AIR started to cause blue screens of death around beginning of September last year, and I sent mail to Devialet support right after that. I believe the problems were related to a Windows 10 update that happened around that time. 

Funny if they still list Windows 10 as compatible when they've stated that it's "non official". Maybe they just haven't updated the page since last September   Smile


(21-Mar-2020, 15:55)Stephan84 Wrote: Hi Marietto,

Thanks, but my firewall is deactivated.

In the meantime, Dev. support contacted me, but they have also no idea so far:/

Hi Stephan84 , 
I use Win10 with AIR Eth, never had a problem, have you tried using static IP?

My config. PC Win10 - Switch - Devialet 
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Marietto - Italia

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