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AQ Mythical Creature series speaker cables
(09-Feb-2019, 02:39)Pim Wrote: Hmmm.... MP3 silence.... not high end enough for me  Big Grin

Nothing that upsampling to DSD via 50 signal regenerators, LPS’s, and mains cables the price of a family car wouldn’t fix.

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‘Normal’ cables. *eBay LPS on the Allo, no discernible SQ change over Pi supply.
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Well there’s noise and there’s distortion. The best any cable can do, theoretically, is not pick up/emit (electrical) noise or add distortion to the signal it’s transferring. Some do better than others in this regard.
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For a proper noise test with the Devialet you need to ensure there is some signal, if not it mutes after about half a second. I made a super quiet band limited track and played it back, at full volume, there is a super tiny bit of noise from the tweeters with my ear next to them, almost nothing. There was slightly more noise on usb than optical or Ethernet fwiw.
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