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Any in depth Reactor reviews or users here?
(08-Feb-2019, 09:57)ragwo Wrote: Not a high praise:
"The Phantom Reactor invites you to listen closely to your favorite songs, but not all the details are there. Which is to say, the audio fidelity is not what I’d expect from a speaker at this price point. And just because a speaker is expensive and impressive does not mean that it’s something everyone should want. This is a rich person toy, something that’s as much a conversation piece as it is a sound system."

Well, I  Heart the sound of my "rich person toy" and I like the ease of taking it with me wherever I need to listen to beautiful music, and I don't miss the details that some golden ears can hear and that I don't. 
Anything wrong with not having gold plated ears  ?
I absolutely love mine. Don't need it loud at all.

I have them at about 30 to 40 per cent and it's perfect for office listening.

I am not a full blown audiophile and I don't have a lot of experience with different speakers. 

To my ears they sound rich with really nice lows and crisp highs. 

I wanted a speaker I didn't have to turn up loud to hear a full sound and the reactor does a great job.
Yes indeed. And you will have the musical mids along with the bass - as long as the integration is done well between bass and speaker. They do have more room compensation in their software than Devialet. If Devialet had built in room compensation, I would recommend the regular phantoms much more enthusiastically. Even the low cost Sonos systems have effective auto room correction with Apple products and they work remarkably well - makes a huge difference. A lesser speaker with better room correction will often beat a better speaker without any room correction.

OK, I know that I am going OT here on this thread that I started.

But since I started it, I am taking a bit of leeway....Smile LOL.
I had a brief listen to a single Reactor on Saturday. A shop in town had it on display together with the three Phantom models.

I now understand what the 'missing' midrange is about. The front 'full range' is actually just a rather large tweeter. So very little real mid range there. To compensate the side woofers produce parts of the (lower) mid range. I put an ear close to one of the woofers and could hear quite a lot of mid range from it. The woofers are not ideal mid range drivers and as mids are more directional the side placement create a strange effect on some recordings.

In comparison a pair of Golds had a proper mid range reproduction. Of course it is not fair to compare a single Reactor to a pair of Golds, but it also made the difference quite clear.

Attempting to define a cross over frequency for the Reactor without measurements will be just speculation so I'll skip that
I still think Reactor is good. The tiny size and prodigious bass output is really impressive! With the right placement (much better than in the shop) and maybe stereo I am sure one can get good results.
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