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D400 to 440 Pro SQ reviews
Yes correct. Like different SQ with different digital input. Some says SQ over WiFi is better than usb or Ethernet. I prefer ethernet/Air with my D.
The thing is since the external Dac Lumin A1 is plugged to my Devialet with Roon music never seems so alive in my listening room. I use the line input.
The change is noticeable my partner is totally stranger from Hifi end has noticed the move.
I have tried an Audio GD NOS Dac with my D and no real change compare with D alone.
Trust your ears and try a Lumin Dac with your D.
For me is the good match.
System 1 : D800, Piega Classic 80.2, Lumin A1, NUC/Wintel +SSD, Roon lifetime Qobuz sublissime Tidal Hifi subscription 
System 2 : D400, JM Reynaud Cantabile Sublime, Roon.
Same experience overhere ! Lumin U1 mini is now used as networkstreamer between ROCK and D400.
I run Roon ROCK on a dedicated NUC in a passive cooled case and lineair power supply.
I'm able to (A/B) compare: direct stream to D400 over ethernet, via USB (AudioQuest Carbon), via COAX BNC (Nordost Blue Haven) or via AES/EBU (Love Cable).
The SQ improves by above sequence. SQ via AES/EBU is sublime in any way.

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