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Devialet Dialog
With the announcement of the new Devialet Dialog today, I thought that a nice new thread to share information and experiences was deserved....
For the moment USB only apparently.

Certainly sounds interesting thought.
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So, this sounds like it will do what the Auralic Aries and the Simaudio MOON Mind do - act as a bridge between the Devialet and music stored on a NAS. At about 1/5 of the price. Great news!

UPnP support seems to be implied as a future, so not clear to me what the initial release in January will provide for existing users. If the plans are that SPARK is a single app to control the Devialet and act as a Control Point for library access, this could be the killer source that some of us have been waiting for. The prospect of integration with Qobuz and Tidal via SPARK would be the icing on the cake.

Could finally get rid of my Squeezebox Touch (which are going for ridiculous prices on eBay at the moment and wold fund purchase of Dialog) and stop procrastinating over Aries, 3D Lab and MOON as sources.

Can't wait to get hold of one.

ATB, Ken
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I think it's interesting to see the good results that Kunter and others have achieved with cheap simple devices such as the CuBox and similar. There is no reason I can see why the Dialog shouldn't be pretty decent sound quality wise. I'm also interesed in the "USB only for the moment" comment. Does this imply AIR implementation in the future? Maybe, maybe not. I for one hope that it does.
The Dialog is designed to interact with the Phantom via WiFi. I assume that some version of AIR will be implemented to interact with a D. I am quite interested and for that price its worth getting one. There are some interesting highend musicservers comming out like A&K, Aurender or Totaldac but I am not investing a large sum in fast developing field. Will be for instance Meridian MQA a viable file format and which server can cope with it. So the price of the Dialog makes sense to me even when some other toy will replace it in a year or two.
Any photos of Dialog?
I posted this else where but I'm really not all that sure what the Dialog is supposed to do? Is it a complete router? or is it an audio device, how would one use it? Is it Devialet's attempt at an outboard Upnp device?
(17-Dec-2014, 01:12)ErikM Wrote: I posted this else where but I'm really not all that sure what the Dialog is supposed to do? Is it a complete router? or is it an audio device, how would one use it? Is it Devialet's attempt at an outboard Upnp device?

As per an email from Devialet Support, they briefly describe Dialog ...

"DIALOG is an intelligent audio router which, in association with the new Devialet application, makes your life easier :
- unique interface combining all your digital contents (stored or online) in an intuitive and smooth way, whatever the file formats (from MP3 to HD audio)
- communication and synchronisation between your Devialet products throughout your home, via a dedicated and powerful network which is open to all your guests
Accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer, DIALOG is compatible with all Devialet products*.

* equipped with a USB input, to begin with. "
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amabrok's system - Latest update (May 2015, Page 11, Post #109)

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From the whitepaper posted on the Computeraudiophile site.

Quote:Compatible with PHANTOM and the existing range of Devialet amplifiers comes a brand new
intelligent audio router called DIALOG.
DIALOG creates a full wireless audio system in high resolution throughout your home, and can
control and synchronize up to 24 PHANTOMs. It is connected to your own internet router,
DIALOG can also directly access music from the cloud.

Based on an extremely low-latency proprietary protocol realising 1,000,000 calls per second,
DIALOG allows multiple users to seamlessly control the music being played and edit a shared playlist
in real time. Every user contributes by making their music (stored on their mobile devices, or available
from the cloud through the music services they have suscribed to) available to other users hooked
up to the same DIALOG network.

Thanks to the SPARK application, your PHANTOMs can be used alone as an independent music
system, or grouped in pairs as a classical stereo installation, or in a scalable mulichannel system
with 3, 4, 5 PHANTOMs or more
The SPARK application also allows you to do live grouping, allowing to play different music in each
room, or fill the house with the same music for a big party.

DIALOG creates the most robust mesh network on the market today, by combining 3 dual-band
Wi-Fi connexions, a 1Gbps Ethernet, and Power Line Communication of the latest generation.

Each PHANTOM has an optical Toslink input and is able to share this input signal with any other
PHANTOM on the network. Wired connectivity to the DIALOG network through a 1Gbps Ethernet
RJ-45 port is also available.

Based on the EVO

platform, DIALOG will integrate more and more music streaming services natively,
multichannel audio decoding, UPnP compatibility to access music from NAS devices, and much more

So SPARK will be to DIALOG what AIR is to the Devialet "Expert" range. Maybe Devialet will implement SPARK in the "Expert" range in the future if possible
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I think the dialog is a chromebox in a nice case running a version of linux.

It will all come down to the gui. I just hope the app controls both the Devialet and the dialog. With a lot more control over the Devialet than the current app allows.

If the ui is good then the hardware really doesn't matter. Maybe they'll offer us a linear power supply to satisfy the audiophiles.

This looks like an Aries at 1/3 the price, which isn't a bad thing.

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