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Devialet 'Touching News'?
Devialet's website has been updated with a "45 DAY RISK-FREE TRIAL" banner
Its pretty much as Guillaume said; anything/everything Phantom and/or related free for 45 days. Where they gonna come up with all those Branches!?! Guess that's one way to dump all those jars of cold cream ;-)
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What happened to the 90 days? Bit bizarre?

Roon lifetime > Mac mini (RoonServer) > Eth > Allo DigiOne* > BNC ( >AES via Neutrik) > Devialet 250 Pro CI > PMC fact.8
‘Normal’ cables. *eBay LPS on the Allo, no discernible SQ change over Pi supply.
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(18-Sep-2015, 22:46)Hifi_swlon Wrote: What happened to the 90 days?  Bit bizarre?

It's for stereo config (sorry... Big Grin )
I received their 45-day free trial promotion email. But, is that it?
Before: Le200, KEF LS50, AQ Type4, NUC 5i5RYH/8GB/128GB M.2SSD, Roon, Win8.1/AIR2.1.3/RoonBridge, MM/AIR3/RoonBridge, QNAP TS-212P 5TB NAS, AQ NRG-X3

Now: KEF LS50W, NUC5i5RYH/8GB/128GB M.2SSD, Roon, QNAP TS-212P 5TB NAS,iFi iSilencer3.0+DC iPurifier+iPurifier2, Sonos ZP80+SPDIF iPurifier

Location: Cyberjaya, Malaysia
(19-Sep-2015, 04:20)hk6230 Wrote: I received their 45-day free trial promotion email. But, is that it?

Yes - aren't you feeling the intense and extraordinary emotion, or is your Dialog not working?
Antipodes CX and EX and P1 with P2 to come/MacBook Pro/
Draytek Vigor 2860v-Plus/Devialet Original d'Atelier CI Nos. 54A&B/Magico M3 pair/Wilson Benesch Torus

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 Dialog/Phantom Gold/Tree pair
Missing Link cables (power)

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