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Devialet 'Touching News'?
[Image: 11921679_1490481547919088_50674123236027...e=566DD73B]
(16-Sep-2015, 22:58)markush Wrote: Deal with some music / streaming platform?

Good bet - they have bought Qobuz and are giving it to Phantom owners for free for 90 days?
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If that's the case, and it could easily be, my bet is on Deezer since they're already in bed together. And Deviazer is an easier transition than Deviabuz :-) Or perhaps an even a more massive merger; Devialeezerbuz.
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Or, company sold to Apple.
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(16-Sep-2015, 19:17)Rufus McDufus Wrote: Twitter & Facebook campaign - what could it be? Underwater Phantom?

"90 days of intense and extraordinary emotion, how does that sound?
On September 18th at 12am, Devialet will share a touching news with you.
Save the Date."

[Image: 12022359_959137577460753_1467780527880675633_o.jpg]

maybe they will anounce availability of the branches? or is this a minor thing to make a formal annoucment for?
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I think that it is going to be a special, "Limited Edition" Phantom, painted to look like a Rugby ball to celebrate the Rugby World Cup series, which kicks off on 18 September Tongue.

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Sounds like a tie-up with, or the buying out of a Streaming company.
Qobuz, Deezer ????

90 day free trial for existing Deviate owners and new customers?

Huh Huh Huh Huh

Hmm looks like something is sinking Smile
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