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Devialet and Obsolescence?
A case of brilliant hardware let down by dodgy software.
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Still having my hopes up for the May update that would make us all happy as they promised us some months ago.
Wishful thinking prolly, I know...
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(16-Apr-2016, 17:34).mdconnelly Wrote: I've been a Devialet Expert owner now for 10 months.   I love my 200, but I'll admit to becoming a bit disillusioned with the company.   They created a product with the intent to continue to support and improve it through firmware and software improvements.  That commitment played a part in my purchase decision.  Was it just marketing-speak?  Over the course of this last year, all I've seen is heavy focus on their new speakers with no apparent effort to address real issues from existing customers (e.g... AIR). Contacting support yielded some very polite messages but absolutely no results nor insight.

When I bought the 200, I felt certain I would pick up a companion to make it a 400 within a year as finances became available.   Now I'm on the fence about that decision...

I want to believe in Devialet the company as much as I do their product, but they're not making it easy.  I'm hoping the next few months will turn that perception around.
I'm in the same boat. I bought my D200 in January 2014 and the Dialog (still in its box) in December of that year.  I confess that I've given up waiting for any meaningful streaming solution for the Expert.  Have decided to cut my losses, and am currently awaiting demo of Kii Audio 3 - which will replace the D200 and speakers.  I really hope that Devialet doesn't go the way of Slim Devices - an amazing engineering company with a truly innovative product,  re-funded by VCs - who then focus purely on the P&L and their exit strategy.
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I'm planning my departure from Devialet, too. Kii 3 is another innovative product but we couldn't get it here in China.
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I bought my D200 only recently (dec 2015) after an extended search and comparison between other amps in its price range. I've heard Kii 3 as well. For me Kii 3 simply didn't do it for me but I get the appeal. I never considered using Air as its source since i owned a very decent streamer I now use as renderer. I can only say that as an amp / dac I consider the Devialets a very good product that perform very well for what they cost. That said it also took me a while to match my system and cables to get the best SQ. Right now I'm working on getting funds for the companion. If I would have to start from scratch I would still buy a Devialet but most like buy a Aurender N10 as source. The only advise I can give those who are disappointed by Deviatet is: audition other products and let your ears decide. I did the same and despite it's shortcomings decided to buy the D200 anyway. Good luck on the road to Audio Heaven!
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Devialet and the AIR fiasco is making everyone want to jump ship.

I think about it every once in a while as well and then I remember I'll need seperates, a dac and a bunch of cables to achieve what I want outside Devialet?

I'll just use a USB cable thank you.
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Just my 5 cent to

al u need is a one cable and a source ,how many can beat that ?
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I am happy with my rig. Since I had an Aurender, AIR wasn't a factor. I do have gripes but the sound is too good.
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(28-Apr-2016, 16:28)rwjr44 Wrote: I am happy with my rig. Since I had an Aurender, AIR wasn't a factor. I do have gripes but the sound is too good.

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To be clear, I am still totally mesmerized by the sound of my Devialet 200. Not looking to jump ship at all. But, my observation of Devialet, the company, over the course of the last 10 months has tempered my enthusiasm to acquire a Companion. While frustrated by the AIR fiasco, there are plenty of excellent and reasonably priced alternatives to streaming so I'm fine with simply not using AIR yet still loving the sound my of Devialet 200 driven system. My biggest problem with Devialet is simply their lack of communication and response to real customer issues.

So I'll postpone any decision about the Companion for a few more months. Things will either get better or not. The risk that they run is that new tech comes along all the time which, when combined with somewhat disgruntled customers, only plays out one way.
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