Poll: Attributes
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Innovation/technical excellence
1 0.54%
Physical design
2 1.09%
Flexibility and simplicity (configurator, dual mono)
4 2.17%
Non obsolescence (releases via EVO)
3 1.63%
Individual customer service
15 8.15%
Equipment reliability
2 1.09%
Marketing and general communication
48 26.09%
Delivering on promises
48 26.09%
SAM feature
1 0.54%
AIR feature
60 32.61%
Total 184 vote(s) 100%
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Deviate's worst attributes
Since there's no weighting for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, mine would be:

1. Customer service
2. Air
3. Communication

Individual Customer Service - had a few bad runs, and even though they came good and did the right thing it was too much of a fight and left a bad taste. Air is obvious, so is communication I guess.

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I struggle to find anything I don't like.
I suggested a display on the remote back in 2011 and was told they would look into it but they came back a few weeks later saying the battery life would be unsatisfactory. A bit of a shame since I detest touch screens so pretty well never use the iphone app. The tactility of the remote is one of my favourite aspects of my amp.
I know some people have put a huge effort into Air and not got it to work. Whilst I did quite a lot of feedback during the development of V1 of Air, which I preferred, and have had some problems getting V2 to work it has now been working for over a year with only the odd network related glitch.
I have not voted in this survey.
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I voted for marketing simply because they supply zero paperwork outlining technical specs.

I would have loved to received a comprehensive manual the like of which every other hi end manufacturer would supply.
I know it's on the website... well some of it is anyway.

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