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Digital to Digital Converters with Devialet - New products
I can see a trend in this thread, I post that something looks interesting, then I do more detailed research, then I post about the issues with the thing that looked tempting in the first place.

In this regard, I have to give credit to @hardcore . who seems to always be one step ahead of me!

Anyway, since my last post I have slogged my way through an epic 100 page thread on Head-Fi discussing the Gustard U16. The thread starts positively with some very favourable listening reports, describing pretty much exactly what I am looking for with respect to sound quality. It is not all good though, we then get a number of reports regarding firmware issues, clicks, stuttering, problems with certain file rates. I move forward through the thread to posts that are now about 1 year old, there are some posts discussing firmware updates that unfortunately do not solve the issues. Ever the optimist, I am thinking that I have one year left of posts to read through, and the firmware issues will eventually be solved. But no, all the way to July 2020, no firmware updates over the last year (sound familiar?), and the issues remain.

OK - I could try one and hope it works for me, but there are a number of posts describing issues with 24/192 material using the Gustard U16 with an sMS-200Ultra Neo, the same device I will want to use it with. So basically an non starter for me, I do not need the hassle.

I shall be keeping an eye out for developments, but it does not look promising. As @hardcore eludes to above, the Gustard uses an unusual ES8620 USB interface, this seems to be the problem area. By unusual, I cannot find any evidence that anyone else uses this interface! It does not look promising....

I also read though a lot of stuff on the Singxer SU-2. based purely on the listening reports of others, I suspect this will take my system in the opposite direction to what I am looking for. Indeed, I read one report comparing to the Mutec MC3+USB, and I concluded that of the two I would much rather have the Mutec. Which is nice, as I already have one.

Indeed, after reading about firmware issues with the Gustard, reliability issues and poor measurements from GD-Audio, and so on, I have come to realise what a great little box the MC3+USB actually is. Consider that I have had not one issue with it, ever. Never a click, never a stutter, never a drop out. It sounds good too!

OK - It is shame the Mutec cannot do the DSD64 via AES/EBU thing that I wanted to try. That itch will have to wait, but meanwhile I could try running DSD64 via USB for a while, why not?
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As an update to the above I had sent a question to the Gustard support email address, just as a double check of the sMS-200 / 24/192 issue.  I received a reply within a few hours:

hi friend,
It's really not compatible
so sorry let you waiting so long time
have a nice day

So, it looks like it will not work and will not be fixed any time soon!  I have to give Gustard some credit for a straightforward answer to my query.  I was very clear in my email that I was a potential purchaser, they basically replied "don't buy it".

As idle speculation, I am wondering if Gustard made a bit of a mistake using the ES8620 USB interface and if a similar model with an alternative interface might appear some time in the future?  Meanwhile, the U16 looks a little flawed at the moment.

I also note a recent post on AS, someone has just received his Audio-GD DI-20HE and is planning a comparison with his current Gustard U16.  I shall watch that one with interest, but meanwhile bask in the delights of my Mutec MC3+USB. Shy
1000 Pro - KEF Blade - SOtM sMS-200Ultra Neo - tX-USBultra - Mutec REF10 - MC3+USB - Pro-Ject Signature 12

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