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Distortion problem on 220
Hoping somebody can help me with a problem I am experiencing with my Expert Pro CI 220.

It is exhibiting easily audible distortion in the higher frequencies (at any volume) and I am at a loss to understand why.  I fear that there may be a fault, but would like to gather any further ideas first.

I have just upgraded from a 120 which I still have and so I have been able to A/B compare the two directly using a speaker switch box.  This rules out the problem relating to the speakers (Kudos X2, SAM) and speaker cables as these work fine with the 120.

The 120 is not upgraded and so does not have the CI board.  My configurations for both amplifiers are identical as far as I can tell though and I am unable to identify any configuration setting that I could have got so wrong that it would create the distortion that I am hearing.

Any ideas what else I could check or try?
Your issue may be the same as this one:
In order to check this, please turn off SAM (from remote menu), and check if distortions are gone.

I reported this issue to DEVIALET SUPPORT (long time ago), but they didn't solve it. More then this, they claim that this issue is not occurring on their devices, and they cannot reproduce it.

If this is the same problem as yours, please send a report to DEVIALET SUPPORT.

On my system, the issue is gone if I turn off SAM, or rollback to an older firmware version.

Best regards
Daniel - thank you so much. This was exactly the issue that I faced.

Disabling SAM fixed the distortion immediately. Interestingly, dialing SAM down to 0% had no effect at all - it does need to be disabled.
(03-Jul-2019, 15:51)0rangutan Wrote: Daniel - thank you so much.  This was exactly the issue that I faced.

Disabling SAM fixed the distortion immediately.  Interestingly, dialing SAM down to 0% had no effect at all - it does need to be disabled.

This is an obvious and serious software bug for FIRMWARE 13.1.3 DOS 2.2.4.
Please send a report to DEVIALET SUPPORT. Otherwise they will not fix it...
So your 120 using same SAM speaker config as you use on your 220 ci does not produce the same distortion? That’s interesting

What if A. you bypassed Sam (turn off), but input the same Sam settings manually? Or B. put a random speaker in your Sam to confirm its the actual SAM “chip” and not the settings that is causing the distortion?

I would think test A would best verify if it’s SAM that is the root of your problem. The. If it’s under warranty send to devialet so they can fix it as it seems it’s easily reproducible.

You could try a 3rd option and reset your 220 to factory setting, listen with no options except your source and speaker out activated and confirm no distortion. Then Just make a SAM config for your speakers so only deviation from factory options is SAM enabled.
Thanks for the suggestions, however it is very clearly a software bug in 13.1.3.

The 220 experiences the problem with the latest 13.1.3 software and any SAM profile - downgrading the software version resolves the issue, strongly suggesting that it was introduced in the latest release. Regression testing is critical in any software release and it looks like the combination of SAM + Bass adjustments wasn't fully tested by Devialet in this release.

That my 120 is different is hardly surprising - it is original non-CI board and v10 software.

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