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Eminent Technology LFT-8b + B&W sub
Prior to acquiring a Devialet, I had a pair of PSB T3 towers.  From day one with these speakers, I found the tweeters harsh and brittle, so I got a pair of Aurum Cantas ribbons and put these in a separate enclosure with a third order passive crossover set at 2000Hz, disconnecting the PSB tweeters

Very pleasant sound.  I had heard better at other people's places though

Along came the Devialet which improved the sound a fair bit

I heard about a fellow going on a one-year sabbatical and borrowed his ET LFT-8b speakers.  A whole new experience so I put out some ads and acquired a pair

I did not much like the bass.  A bit woolly and no "slam" as a friend put it.  So along came a B&W DB-1 sub

The sub is fed from the Devialet's sub out, for the frequencies up to 120Hz and the LFT 8bs from 120Hz up

With careful positioning of the LFT-8bs and adjustment of the sub's level, I think I have got it right and all who come here who are experienced listeners and music lovers agree 95% of the time

Maybe next is to try some different speaker cable instead of the silver-plated copper in use

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Cape Town - South Africa

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