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Finally some news update

Though just another round of promises.
Just replace Phantom with Expert line Smile)
Yeah, they missed out "We aim to get this update to you as soon as 2023".
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lip service
noun [ U ] US   /ˈlɪp ˌsɜr·vɪs/

to publicly support or approve of something, while actually taking no action to produce it:
A lot of adults pay lip service to the idea that it is important to listen to teenagers' ideas, but they tend to listen and then forget.
Is this a real promise, or is this just lip service?
440 Pro CI, Roon ROCK, Technics 1200G, Celestion Ditton 66
Haha didn’t know this term exists Smile) Great fit in this case.
BTW: they seem to respond on Instagram -
So if some of you are Instagram users it’s a good idea to poke them there Wink

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