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From windows/jriver to linux/roon
I would like to share how happy I am with the move from windows / jriver to linux/ roon.

A few days ago I upgraded my windows 10 pro with several patches from Microsoft and also Jriver to the latest version. It went wrong and I started to have drops, noise, etc. I tried everything I remembered and even reinstalled windows, air and jriver. No success. I was doing something wrong ... but never found out what.

Then I decided to install linux Ubuntu 19.04 and roon. It was very simple and worked without any special settings. That was good, but the best was that the sound quality improved a lot, and I mean a lot. A jump in quality greater than the last hardware upgrade (the pro upgrade with the new board). I can’t stop listening Smile

With windows / jriver I used air and kernel streaming: I think no changes where made to the bytes sent to Devialet.
Now with linux / roon i am using air, not the RAAT. So in theory the same bytes are sent, using the same hardware. Well the result is very different.

I also tried RAAT but is I got tired a few minutes after.

The system is simple: proac 3.8, transparent super xl, Devialet 250 pro ic, aq cinnamon ethernet cable, fanless nuc like streamer from aliexpress, 512gb sdcard. Shunyata power cables and hydra.

Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
roon air -> intel i6100u fanless -> audioquest  cinnamon ethernet -> devialet 250pro ci -> transparent mws xl -> proac 3.8. solid tech hybrid rack. shunyata hydra 8, shunyata anaconda helix alpha, shunyata python helix vx.
Very interesting for us JRMC devotees. I feel that SQ improved notably when I went from USB to DLNA streaming.

Most interesting though is your Win10 upgrade experience - - - - I think my media PC is in the process of undergoing the same upgrade. Fingers crossed!

You'll have to consider changing your Signature then.
JRiver v24 (Windows) >> 220Pro/CI >> Tellurium-Q Black >> PMC Twenty5.23 + two REL T7i. One White Phantom.

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